Buddha Purnima is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Gautam Buddha on 16th May.

We have created this Buddha Mural Artwork (3 feet width x 2 feet height) as a wall installation for a Villa’s garden exterior.

Aesthetic Value

The creation of this Buddha mural involves extensive artistic skills to create a clay model. Features of the Buddha are carefully crafted to look alike in a meditating state. This mural is designed to look like a metallic bronze effect in an oxidized look and a slight glimpse of gold to enhance the beauty of the mural when sunlight falls on the artwork.

Creation Process

Clay Model is created by the artist Shivwa PS. The mixture includes paper mesh, chalk powder, binding gum, and water. All are mixed in ratios as required to make a clay-like medium it is then applied on a sketch drawn on waterproof plywood. After modeling the Budhha clay Mural it is kept to dry. After it is dried a wax coating is applied to the clay mural, and a resin mixture is applied over the fiber mat placed on the wax-coated clay mural. It will be left untouched for more than an hour and will be removed from the clay mural. Now Parent mold is ready to cast a final mural piece. Again the wax will be applied to a parent mold, then the resin mixture will be applied to the parent mold. Immediately after the resin mold is applied, a fiber mat will be placed and a resin mixture will be applied on top of it. The mixture will turn into a solid state, after an hour it will be removed from the parent mold. The final mold will be spray painted then detailing will be hand painted.Weather protection spray will be applied on top of it.

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